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OUR MISSION We are passionate about each new challenge. With our innovatory ideas we contribute to the future of Environment. When we create a new product, we first understand about the environment and then our customers. We predict their needs, respect their views and create a refined tomorrow together with them. OUR VALUES We do not just create environmental development products; we create a connection between environment, people and the world. We are imaginative and visionary. We love to create & innovate. We think that imagination has no limits. We are always a step ahead in the development of new technologies. Our Vision The world is ever changing and we all are its part. Yesterday’s unimaginable things are possible today. And what is impossible today can definitely be realized tomorrow. We have the important task of bringing the future closer. And the future belongs to the dynamic, visionary and creative people. OUR STORY TRACK MARK INTERNATIONAL was established in year 2000 in India as a trading company. We used to import and trade various products from korea. Then, in year 2002 it got transformed into consultancy firm. Later in year 2004, we meet the Korean scientist, Hee Seung Kang, also C.E.O of Taeyoung greentech Pvt. Ltd. with whom we did research on biodegradable plastic. Around after 5 years, In 2009 we introduces biodegradable plastic products and shopping bags in India but at that time cost of biodegradable products were way too expensive, the cost of biodegradable products were 5 times more than the petroleum plastic. Then we decided to conduct R&D programme regarding this cost issue, mission was to reduce the cost and make it cost effective with same quality. After the years of research we finally accomplished the task of cost reduction, now it’s just little expensive than petroleum products. Now we are providing 100% biodegradable plastic at affordable price, the official reports of their biodegradability are issued by CIEPT, Chennai.  Our International Partner We evolve both our business & development and technology experience with and through our international partner i.e.
  • Taeyoung greentech Co.Ltd Korea (C.E.O: Hee Seung Kang),
  • Varizone Bio Plastic Private Limited
  • teayoung greentech pvt ltd
  • Biotrack international pvt ltd